The Ultimate Guide to Dwarf Hamster

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Discover the tips,techniques & secrets you need to know to raise a happy,healthy
dwarf hamster.

Dwarf hamsters are tiny, cute animals that make fantastic pets for just about anyone, especially children and families.

They fit in the palm of your hand, they are inexpensive and if you train them when they are young, they will be your buddy for life!

But you cant just buy a hamster and hope to raise it on instinct. It just doesnt work. You need to know certain care and feeding tips. You need to know how to handle your hamster and how to play with it properly.

In short, you need The Ultimate Guide to the Dwarf Hamster!

This comprehensive, yet easy-to-read guide contains all the expert tips and advice you need to raise a happy, healthy hamster.

Youll learn:

* The different hamster species and the characteristics and typical behaviors of each so youll know right away which type of hamster is right for you!

* A quick and easy way to tell the sex of a hamster youll be amazed at how easy this is to do when you follow this simple tip!

* The right type of diet to start your baby hamster out on not doing this can cause digestive and nutritional problems later in life!

* A full chapter on how to select the right hamster for your home including a complete checklist of things to look for when choosing a hamster!

* How to set up the proper habitat for your hamster and ensure that your hamster is happy and healthy for years to come!

* Where to get your hamster from as well as where you should never buy a hamster!

* How to handle, tame and train your hamster like an expert even if youve never had a pet hamster before in your life!

* All about common hamster illnesses, including their causes and the best courses of treatment here youll learn how to spot hamster illnesses early before they become serious, including nutritional disorders, infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, viral illnesses, fungal diseases, gastrointestinal infections, traumatic injuries, hereditary diseases, reproductive disorders, neurological disorders, and environmental disorders

* A complete chapter on hamster breeding do you think you want to breed hamsters? Read this chapter before attempting anything!

* Detailed answers to the most common questions about hamsters Ive gathered these questions from various hamster owners over the last 5 years

* Where to place your hamster's cage and what to put in it to provide your hamster with an exciting environment that he or she wont grow tired of!

* What you need to know should your hamster escape its cage and run free in your house!

* An in-depth look at an OPTIMUM hamster diet -- follow this diet exactly, or create your own! It's up to you plus, youll learn how, when and how much to feed your hamster

* And much, much more!

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